S├ębastien Martinez

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Research interests

Research fields

My main research fields concern **software engineering and maintenance and software security**. I am interested in how software can be modified and adapted to reinforce its security.


Other keywords : source code obfuscation, virtual machines

Another of my research interests is the security of software systems. I study that question under two angles : protection from tampering using techniques such as obfuscating transformation, and protection through maintenance.

Obfuscating transformations modify a program to make it harder to understand for possible attackers. One of its application is protecting software from being tampered with : prevent attackers from modifying.

Maintenance is an important part of a software system's life. Thanks to advances in DSU, maintenance operations can be conducted while the software system is in action. I study ways of using online maintenance operations to reinforce security.

Pymoult and Cmoult

Pymoult and Cmoult are two DSU platforms implementing the Starmoult model I propose in my PhD thesis. They adopt a generic API for designing dynamic updates, selecting best suited strategies and mechanisms for any given program.


The Security Reconfigurable Engine (SoREn) is a dynamically reconfigurable cyber-security platform. It analyses its environment, detects attacks and responds to it to protect a given asset (say, a vehicle). One particularity of SoREn is its embedded reconfiguration interpreter, allowing automatic calculation of reconfiguration operations from a configuration specification. Administrators only need to provide a security policy to be enforced, the platforms handles the reconfiguration by itself.